Wednesday, October 20, 2010

DIY Chalkboard Door!

Ok so the story behind this beauty is, I walked into my parents house and saw that my mom was painting a door we have leading out to our garage black as night....this didn't make sense to me at all... why black? I asked her what she was doing and she showed me the can of paint she was painting with. It said Chalkboard Paint! I thought that was the most clever idea since she has a bunch of kids still at home who love to color on walls, so naturally.... I copied her! She had extra paint in the can so I brought it home and her and I painted my pantry door that is in my kitchen. It was always an awkward shaped door and had no purpose to be there SO we made it into my Chalkboard door! I love it! I have used it so much, anywhere from me writing up the menu for dinner when we are having friends over, writing up my To Do lists, Doctor appointments, to... when my crazy neighbors would randomly come into my house and the kids needed something to do with their hands and were feeling creative so they would scribble at remarkable speeds on my door!! This is the most rewarding craft because you don't need it particularly for a holiday or season... when you are done with it you don't have to put it into a box for a year until the next go around, it is always there and is always useful!

  • 1 can of KRYLON Chalkboard indoor paint... Flat Black (it is a yellow can)
  • Sand paper
  • Paint roller
  • Chalk and Eraser
1. Wash your chosen door so you don't have any dust or sticky stuff getting in the way of the paint.

2. Sand down your door with sand paper, especially if your door is like mine and had heavy wood grains. Don't sand too much just enough to make your surface smooth but rough enough to hold paint.

3. Wipe off the door once more to get the dust you just made from sanding.

4. Paint first layer of paint then let dry for 48 hours...

5. Paint second coat and let dry for another 48 hours...

6. Once paint is completely dry take a piece of chalk and rub it all over the entire painted surface of your door. Make sure you get the whole surface (this helps the chalk to stick on the chalkboard when you begin to write on it.)

7. Take your eraser and erase all your chalk... now you can begin to use your chalkboard door!

If you have any questions... read the back of your can.... They say wait 24 hours but I found best results after 48 hours of drying...
If you do not have a wooden door... or a door at all to paint have no fear this stuff can be painted on, metal, Drywall, Plastic, Glass, and paperboard! Here are a few more creative ideas that you could use this stuff on! Walls and tabletops, easels, cabinets, toy boxes, refrigerators, or even to resurface an old chalkboard! (Got these off the back of the can!)

I have so much fun with this chalkboard door! It always come in handy...not to mention it matches the color scheme in my kitchen! Bonus!

Sorry I don't have any pictures of the whole process but I did this project over a year ago... before I even had my fun Craft blog!

TA DA!!!! Here is my beautiful Chalkboard door!!
Hope you have fun with this one! Your kids and Husband will have fun with it for years to come!!!

Have Fun!


  1. I Love it! Such a cute idea. can't wait to get a house to fidn a door to do that with. at first i thought you were talking about a cupboard door, but i love how you choose a full door and what a great place in the kitchen!

  2. I LOVE it. Can't wait to try this idea out.

  3. So cute, i wish i could do should paint the door frame red! :)