Sunday, August 29, 2010

"America" Blocks

Ok so this project slightly got left behind... I had everything done except I was missing one very important part of this project... the vinyl lettering. The girl that this idea came from is my husbands friend. I found her blog one day when I was on my husbands facebook and she commented on one of our pictures. I found her facebook and saw that she had a craft blog and I found that she had made these beauties! I wanted to make them right away. I contacted her on facebook (yes she had no idea who I was at first) lol and asked her if she could help me make these. She told me step by step! She told me she would send me the vinyl pre-cut and everything... Well I forgot to send you $5 for the vinyl and she forgot to send it. :( but it's ok! I don't mind at all! I am going to thatcher this weekend and while I am down there I will pick it up from her along with another fun craft and finish these amazing blocks and when I do you betcha bottom dollar I will be posting it on here.
Thanks Amanda for all your help you rock my socks!

This is hers...

This is mine so far...
Here is what it will look like! I got creative here and put the letters on by using my photography editing program. Its looks legit right? :)

Here is Amanda's craft blog if you would like to see what other fun creative ideas she has done!
P.S. I love her blog the most out of any other Craft blog! I am constantly on it looking at what other amazing things she has done!

If you want to still know how to make the blocks here it is:

You will need
  • 1 thin ceder wood board found at home depot (ask for a wood fence board. It is like $1.85 for a 6ft by 5 1/2 inch board)
  • red white and blue craft paint
  • sand paper
  • vinyl
1. Cut that board into 7 blocks (if you ask someone at home depot they will do it for you)
Three big blocks measuring at: 7" each
Two Medium measuring at: 5 1/2" each
Two small measuring at: 4 1/2" each

2. Sand down your blocks to make smooth.
3. Paint on desired color onto each block.
4. Let paint dry then sand blocks again as well as edges and corners for a rough look.
5. Cut out vinyl if you don't have some pre-cut already.
6. Put vinyl on!

Sorry not a lot of pictures for this one. lol

I hope to put my finished product up soon so you can all see how my blocks turned out. But for now Good Luck if you are going to make these!

With Love
Melissa Elizabeth

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Paper Firework Weath!

Once again I just LOVE doing crafts, always have, however once you have a baby everything kinda goes to the way side until you can get back around to it.
Here is one thing I made just for the 4th of July!

This is my favorite thing I made for the 4th of July. I call it the Paper Firework Wreath
It is a scrapbook paper wreath that I made all by hand! I absolutely love how it turned out HOWEVER I would NEVER wish this project upon anyone! It took me over 2 months to finally get it completely finished, not to mention that there is a certain design of scrapbook paper that is essential for this project that does not exist in any scrapbook stores in the state of Arizona! Believe me I've checked! The paper pattern is as simple as pie so you would think that someone would have it... but no. It is dark blue paper with white stripes on it.... sound simple enough? Well apparently not to anyone in the scrapbook paper industry! I ended up just buying 2 plain dark blue pieces of paper and painting white stripes on the dang things. That alone took me a few hours to do!I found out that hot glue was my best friend during this whole project! The magazine I got the idea from said to use a glue stick to glue the pieces of paper together... I started with a glue stick but big surprise everything fell apart so I was forced to bust out the good ol' hot glue gun! Good thing I did too because it not only kept the pieces of paper together better but it also dried quicker then 25 minutes each time I used it! hallelujah!

Here are the steps you do for each individual paper firework and on to completing the wreath..


  • ALOT of scrapbook paper (red, white and blue) with different patterns
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks
  • 18in Hay wreath (Found at Hobby Lobby)
  • 8 to 12 yards of 1 1/2" red white and blue ribbon
  • 12 small blue bells (found at Micheals in a variety pack of colored bells)
  • small chalkboard (found at Micheals)
  • Scissors/slide cutter
  • Metal ruler so you can measure and make a crisp crease.
  • Star stickers both for the wreath and the chalkboard

1. Cut out paper to desirable sizes
Big firework (4" x 6" )
Medium firework (3" x 6" )
Small Firework (2 1/2" x 3 1/4" )
All the smallest fireworks I honestly cant tell you what measurements they are because I just guessed. :/ The magazine didn't tell me either so I just winged it by just taking the small firework measurements and cutting them in half or into thirds or smaller. Sorry not much help there but it is fun to have a challenge!
I used a slide cutter to cut everything.... I would strongly suggest this for you because it saves you another few hours of work!
Once you have cut out your paper:
2. Take three or 4 of the same size and preferably same pattern of paper (depends on how full you want the firework) and start folding the paper width-wise accordion style. Be sure not to make the accordions too large, fold them to be just about a 3/8" all the way till it is fully folded.

Take you metal ruler and use it to fold over you paper this helps you create a very straight line. I didn't do this step at first and my lines were screwy Lewie!
Slide your metal ruler across each crease to make it more crisp. This will make your accordions flatter and easier to handle! This will make your wreath more sharp looking as well!

3. Next fold the pleaded paper in half and HOT GLUE the two sides together making a small paper fan.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 with the other two or three pieces of matching paper.

5. Once you finished steps 2-4 then glue all the sides together of the three or 4 (now Fans) of paper to make a circle!

Congratulations! you made Firework number 1 out of about 50!

6. Make about 45 to 50 fireworks of all different sizes, colors and patterns. (This is about the time you will want to kill yourself..... but please don't)

7. Once you have spent days maybe even weeks making the fireworks it is time to prepare the wreath for the fireworks.
Take your 18 inch wreath (I used a hay wreath, it was cheaper and easier to find then the green foam one my magazine asked for! I got my wreath from hobby lobby). Once you have your wreath take your 1 1/2" inch ribbon and wrap it all the way around your wreath to cover it completely. Warning! you will need at least 8-12 yards of ribbon if not more (yet another thing I had to figure out the hard way by myself)
Hint: Hot Glue your ribbon onto your wreath, otherwise it will unravel and piss you right off!.... not that I would know or anything.... *cough cough* :p
p.s. I know that these pictures are pictures with the fireworks on it but that is because I forgot to take a picture of this step when I was in the middle of the project so now I am just showing you how it should look once the ribbon is on the wreath :)
8. Now that your wreath is all wrapped in ribbon start Hot gluing on fireworks randomly! I started with big fireworks on the bottom (the actual wreath) then worked all the smaller sizes in.
9. Once all the fireworks are on the wreath start sticking the assorted star stickers on some of the fireworks. Put them in the middle of the fireworks.
10. Start putting on your blue bells randomly on the wreath. You could also put on red and silver bells like I did to give it more of a sparkle. The magazine told me to use small blue Christmas ornaments, but those are nowhere to be found in the middle of the summer so I had to once again improvise. The bells in my opinion are better because they make the wreath all jingly!
11. I bought a cheap little chalkboard from Micheals and painted the sides white and put on all the red, white and blue star stickers I could collect! I then stuck the wreath on a wreath holder on the door and then put Velcro on the door and the chalkboard and stuck it together to hang.

This was the picture I took the idea from...
... and here was my version..
I even had the blue door to match with! SWEET!
And no you do not have to paint your door blue. Please don't this wreath looks good on any color door. ;)

I hope you found the instructions to this project simple to follow because the project itself is nowhere near simple. But once again be warned when you are about to throw your wreath against the wall because it is taking FOREVER to finish just know that I did in fact warn you!

P.S. If you don't want to do this wreath for the 4th of July you could also do spring, fall or Christmas colors! I think Halloween colors would look wicked with this design! Of course Halloween is soo my favorite to decorate for, well that and Christmas. :)
Have fun and good luck! haha

I promise my other Crafts I have made are easier! This one was the toughest but SO worth it!!

With Love
Melissa Elizabeth

Friday, August 27, 2010


My name is Melissa and I LOVE crafting! I love finding crafts that I can do myself that make my house prettier but for half the price!
I have an older sister who I dearly love, however when we were younger I was constantly being called a Copy- Cat by her. Anything my sister would do that I thought was cool or fun I would also give it a whirl! This of course drove my sister to sheer annoyance and would lead her to periodically tadle on me to our sweet mom on how I keep copying her! Now that we are older I am proud to say ............. I have not changed one bit, I am still a HUGE Copy-Cat! Not only do I still copy my sister but I also copy people I don't even know!
I have found a new interest of mine and that is reading craft blogs religiously! I pick out crafts people have done or want to do on their blogs and give it a try for myself! I make them for my own home and put my own little flare to them! I have done so many crafts lately by just being a Copy-cat! I wanted to start this blog to show just how easy it is to be a "Copy-Cat".

I will post my pictures of my crafts I have done and I hope that you can take some crafts from me and be a copy-cat yourself to make your homes a little prettier!

With Love,
Melissa Elizabeth