Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cake Pops!

I found this recipe on a blog and knew I needed to make these! SO GLAD I DID!!! These little things are Blasted with AMAZINGNESS! SOOO incredibly yummy! Here is what you do:

  • 1 double fudge chocolate cake mix
  • 1 can chocolate icing
  • 2 Big Mixing bowls
  • A package of melts White Chocolate
  • Crisco
  • (Optional) Sucker Sticks found at Micheal's
1. Mix up your cake mix into a big bowl

2. Poor into a greased 13x9 casserole dish and back recommended time on back of cake box

3. Take cake out once all baked let it cool.

4. Crumble the cake into a clean big mixing bowl

5. Add 1/2 of the can of chocolate icing into mixing bowl

6. This part is messy use your hands to combine crumbled cake and icing until it is all mixed well and moist!

7. Roll the cake mixture into small balls and place on a plate or thing of tin foil

8. While rolling the cake balls have someone melt the white chocolate either in the microwave (instructions on back of each white chocolate bag) Or make your life 10 times easier and melt your chocolate in your handy dandy chocolate melting pot found in the Wilton section of walmart or Micheal's while you make the balls. Stir often.

9. Once the white chocolate is completely melted add a large spoon full of Crisco and mix well. This make dipping the cake in the white chocolate a lot easier.

There are two ways of doing these cake pops from here. You can either make them with or without sucker sticks. I have had zero luck with the sucker sticks keeping the cake pops up like a sucker mine have always fallen off, so I make mine without the sticks but here are both ways of doing it.

10. Either Dip each cake ball into the white chocolate...cover well then take out and put onto serving plate. Do this to each cake ball until all finished. (Quicker way to eating theses things!)
OR take one sucker stick at a time dip one end into the melted chocolate
  • then put into each cake ball and wait until they harden
  • take the entire stick with cake ball attached and hold over melted chocolate and cover while using a spoon.

11. You can start eating the cake balls while the white chocolate is still soft but in my own personal opinion they taste a BUNCH better if you leave them to harden for a few minutes in the fridge or just on your counter!
They are supposed to be facing upward like a real sucker but mine always fall of the sticks... I don't think I let them harden enough before I put the chocolate on... im not patient! I want to eat them as fast as I can! lol
You can decorate these however you want! Have fun with them! Everyone will love them! They are that good!

Yeah I know... These look extremely better then mine but like I said I failed at the whole sucker affect... haha but they all taste the same! Promise!!

Mine! (I was trying to make them halloween colors... haha fail!)

Have fun!
Melissa Elizabeth

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