Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Melting Candles...

I needed some candles for a huge Halloween project I am still making... I know its after Halloween but this particular craft has been pushed over 1 to many times and I had to start from scratch every time..... otherwise I would be done with it. Well with this mystery craft I needed some candles.. I was going to go buy some until I found that I could make some that were 100 times more spooky looking then the original store bought ones! I was all over it if I could make my own candles!


  • Hot Glue gun

  • A TON of hot glue sticks

  • Toliet paper rolls

  • News paper or grocery bags

  • A few electric T-lights

  • Off-white paint

  • Paint brush
1. Rip the top off of each toliet paper roll. Make sure they are uneven.

2. Cover toliet paper roll with driping hot glue.... do one coat of glue all over the roll then wait until it is dry and do another layer.... do a few layers this will give the candle a more aged look to it.

3. Once the glue is all dry and layerd how you want it to, paint the entire thing off white.

4. Wait till all the paint is dry then stuff the roll with news paper or a grocery bag.

5. Put the T-light in the top of the TP roll and turn it on for the full affect!

You can put these candles anywhere in your home for a more hunted, aged look to your Halloween decor!



Have Fun!

Melissa Elizabeth


  1. OH MY HECK !!! I LOVE THEM !! THESE ARE SO FREAKING CUTE !!!! what a great idea, i would of NEVER of thought of doing these. how creative. i love this blog !!! :)

  2. Hahaha Thanks! I love that you read it! I will post some more just for you! lol

  3. Cute idea...never seen that before..ill have to remember it next year!!