Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Beware Broom

I just pieced this together with things around my house. I had bought this small witch broom at goodwill a few weeks back and wanted to use it for something but forgot about it. It all was light tan when I bought it, knowing I would paint it later. The beware sign I got for 25c at a garage sale a month back. I found theses things around my house and used them together to make this fun broom!


  • Black spray paint
  • Small broom
  • Orange ribbon
  • Black ribbon
  • Foam sign
  • Sewing pins
1.Spray paint your witch broom handle black

2. Slightly spray your grass of your broom with black to make it look more aged and burnt.

3. Tie an orange ribbon at the base of your broom in a bow

4. Pin a black ribbon to the back of our foam sign with two sewing pins

5. Hang sign on broom

Simple and cute! You will just love this in your house!

Here is the finished product!

Have Fun!
Melissa Elizabeth

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