Monday, November 8, 2010

Homemade Root Beer

What a fun and tasty craft! I was throwing a Halloween party for all my married friends and decided to make my own Halloween root beer to share! I made it in a black cauldron and everything! It was very spooky.
This was exciting to make, not only was it my first time making it but you get to use Dry Ice!! I LOVE that stuff!!


  • Big bowl

  • Water

  • Sugar

  • Root beer extract

  • Spoon

  • Dry Ice

1. Poor the water and sugar into the bowl or cauldron and mix together until sugar is completely dissolved.

2. Poor in the root beer extract and mix well

3. Put a chunk of dry ice in the bowl and put a cap LOOSELY on the top of it. The dry ice will create carbonation. Do not seal completely or else it will explode!

4. Wait a few minutes before you serve, that way you can get more carbonation.

This is a fun thing to add to your Halloween parties in the future! The dried ice fog flows out of your bowl and all over your table giving your party an extra twist on fun! Not to mention the dry ice makes an eerie bubbling sound that you would hear in a witches brew! Very spooky and quite tasty for you and your friends!

P.S. You can make this for any party not only for Halloween! There is a entire separate recipe on the back of the root beer package you can follow that does not include dry ice.

Have fun!

Melissa Elizabeth

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  1. i LOVE this stuff !! Your table is so cutely decorated !!