Monday, February 14, 2011

The ADORABLE Feather Boa Wreath!!

This looks SOOO cute on my door!! Not to mention it is the easiest craft I think I have ever done! Perfect for Valentines Day!

  • Pink feathered boa (From either Hobby Lobby or Joann's both same price but be sure to have a coupon because they are $7.99 each)
  • Cardboard (or if you were desperate like I was a pizza box will do just fine!)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Sharp scissors
1. Draw a big heart on your cardboard/pizza box

2. Cut out your heart (Not your real one.... men can do that for you lol)

3. Cut the inside of your heart out so you have a nice outline

4. Fire up your hot glue gun and put massive amounts of hot glue on your heart.

5. Put the feather boa all around your heart and press down so that the glue and the feathers adhere to each other.

6. Put it on a wreath holder or glue some ribbon to the back and you are good to go!!

These were super cute so I decided to make two! Once with multiple shades of Pink and the other just a plain Hot pink that I stuck on my fireplace and put a Valentine plaque in the middle that I got from the Dollar store!

Here was my inspiration.... Theirs


Have a Happy Valentines Day!!!!
Have fun!
Melissa Elizabeth

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  1. The boa wreath is a way cute, easy idea! I like how you used cardboard from a pizza box! =)