Thursday, September 2, 2010

Topiary Craft

These are the bomb! I loved making these! They are sooo simple!!!

  • 2 flower pots (found at micheals)
  • News paper
  • off white ribbon
  • letter or number stencils
  • black and light green paint
  • A bag of moss (cheaper at the dollar store then micheals)
  • Small wooden rod (found at micheals)
  • A moss ball (Micheals)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks

1. Paint your flower pots Black

2. When paint is try tape on your stencils and then paint on your letter or number of your desire.
Hint: Tape on your stencil tightly on your pot or else you will have dripping paint like I did and will have to fix it up with a tiny brush and black paint.3. Peel stencil off after you paint or else the paint will get stuck to the stencil and will peel the paint off when you take it off.
4. Hot glue a small piece of green Styrofoam at the bottom of each flower pot. This will keep the wooden rod from moving around.
Hint: Put a piece of cardboard or something solid underneath your flowerpot over the little hole that is at the bottom before putting on your green foam... My rods went straight through the foam and straight through the small hole at the bottom of the pot. Pain in the butt!
5. Next take your moss ball and stick it on your wood rod. Push it hard so it stays. You could make your own moss ball like the blog I stole this idea from suggested, but I got lazy and just bought a moss ball :). It was also easier looking then what she was telling me to do to make a ball.
6. Now put your rod and moss ball into your flower pot and into the green foam.

7. Put news paper in the flower pot all the way to the top.8. Take your handy dandy hot glue gun and put hot glue on a section at a time on the news paper and quickly before it cools put on a bunch of moss in that section.
9. Continue with step 8 until all the news paper is covered in moss.
10. Now take your ribbon and tie it onto your pot. You can hot glue it to your pot once you have it where you want it so it does not fall off.
11. Now put these babies anywhere in your home to make a beautiful accent piece!

These were my very first craft that I tried when looking through craft blogs. These were what kept me going at crafting. They turned out so well that it gave me such a confidence boost in crafting that I continued to find more and more crafts that I could make and be proud of making!

Here is the picture I got the idea from...
And here are mine!...

I did my own little flare here, I did the letters M and J instead of #1 and 2 because they stand for Melissa and Jason. They are currently in our bedroom and are on each of our sides of the dresser. J on his side and M on mine!I even have the & sign! I love that thing! If you want one go to micheals they usually have them. I got mine for $3

The best part about these trees is that you can move them any where in the house and they make that space look spectacular! Even in your bathroom! I had them on my fireplace, my piano, and currently on my dresser and they look great! Tell me what you think and if you are willing to make these!

Good Luck!
Melissa Elizabeth

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  1. Your stuff is so cute! I love looking at your is making me want to try some of them! I just need to find the time now lol. Keep it up I can't wait to see the next post!