Sunday, September 26, 2010

SpOoKy Blocks!

One word... EASY!!!..... Or Spooky however you look at it HA!

**Unsteady hands are more then welcome in this craft.... Imperfection is strongly accepted when doing Halloween crafts, makes the crafts that much more Creepy!

You will have so much fun making these because you get to finger paint!! No vinyl needed HURRAY!! Ok here is what you do~

  • 6 blocks (I just guessed the sizes)
  • Orange and Black Paint
  • Sandpaper
  • Elmer's Glue
  • Fingers!!
1. Sand down all your blocks so they are smooth.

2. Paint your blocks Orange on both sides. Do a couple of coats.

3. Take one block at a time and on one side only put Elmer's glue all over that side. Smooth it a bit with your finger and then quickly brush on black paint with a big foam brush. Brush only ONE WAY. Cover the entire side with black paint and leave to dry... In time you will see the paint start crackling! The orange will submerge after the glue and paint have dried completely.. DON'T TOUCH UNTIL DRY!

4. Do step 2 to all of your blocks! Then once they are all dry take your white paint and finger paint on your SpOoKy lettering! *Unsteady hands are encouraged in this craft for this particular step!

5. After the black side is done flip over and sand the sides and corners of each block

6. paint on a wood stain if you desire to your orange side.

7. Wipe off stain quickly!

8. Once stain is dry and not sticky now trace with pencil your lettering on each block just so you have an idea where you want you letters on the blocks.

9. finger paint your black SpOoKy on and let dry!

Easy huh?

Here are the blocks I stole the idea from Thank you again Amanda at Dejavu Crafts

And here are mine!
Mine are a tad different only because I had to guess what sizes the blocks were.... Mine ended up shorter and thinner but they are still just as cute!

I did both sides because that way I can interchange the lettering colors and give it a whole new look! Not to mention I wanted to try the crackle paint for the first time and so I thought this would be a good first run through because if I messed up I could just flip the blocks around and no one would even know! lol Good thing they turned out fine!

Have Fun!
Melissa Elizabeth

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