Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Candle Eyeballs!

So I got bored today... I needed a small craft to do because I have been working on big crafts for Halloween all week. I rummaged around my house looking for something to transform into something spooky and remembered that my mom had brought me some plain white round candles that she just found on clearance at Walmart. She thought of me and my love of decorating with non-lit candles. I went and got them and decided that they would make perfect floating eyeballs!! Woo hoo! I was off and running.

  • 4 round white candles (apparently found at Walmart)
  • All the colored permanent markers you got
  • Black Permanent marker
  • A round thingy you can trace a circle on the candle with
1. Pick out the color your first eye will be, then take your round thingy (I just found something in my Halloween box that was small enough and round) and trace a circle on your candle with the color you picked.
2. Remove round thingy (I clearly don't really care about technical names!) then draw a big black dot in the middle of the circle you just drew.

3. Color in the colored part of the eye by going up and down from the pupil to the edge of the circle, do that all the way around your eye. This gives it more of an eye-ish look... don't believe me? go look at your eyes!
4. Take another color of marker and scribble it into the colored part of the eye. This gives your eye more of an artistic flair! So if you had your lime green eye use a dark green marker, Blue eye I used purple and green, Orange eye I used red and brown, and brown eye I used darker brown and black.
5. Color in your black pupil again just to make it more round and darker black!

6. Repeat all of these steps but with a different color of eye!

BY THE WAY! I got even more creative and I turned some of the eyes around and I drew in spooky cat eyes on the flip side so I can choose how scary I want my decorations to be. I would suggest doing this as well its way fun!

Have fun!
Melissa Elizabeth

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