Sunday, August 29, 2010

"America" Blocks

Ok so this project slightly got left behind... I had everything done except I was missing one very important part of this project... the vinyl lettering. The girl that this idea came from is my husbands friend. I found her blog one day when I was on my husbands facebook and she commented on one of our pictures. I found her facebook and saw that she had a craft blog and I found that she had made these beauties! I wanted to make them right away. I contacted her on facebook (yes she had no idea who I was at first) lol and asked her if she could help me make these. She told me step by step! She told me she would send me the vinyl pre-cut and everything... Well I forgot to send you $5 for the vinyl and she forgot to send it. :( but it's ok! I don't mind at all! I am going to thatcher this weekend and while I am down there I will pick it up from her along with another fun craft and finish these amazing blocks and when I do you betcha bottom dollar I will be posting it on here.
Thanks Amanda for all your help you rock my socks!

This is hers...

This is mine so far...
Here is what it will look like! I got creative here and put the letters on by using my photography editing program. Its looks legit right? :)

Here is Amanda's craft blog if you would like to see what other fun creative ideas she has done!
P.S. I love her blog the most out of any other Craft blog! I am constantly on it looking at what other amazing things she has done!

If you want to still know how to make the blocks here it is:

You will need
  • 1 thin ceder wood board found at home depot (ask for a wood fence board. It is like $1.85 for a 6ft by 5 1/2 inch board)
  • red white and blue craft paint
  • sand paper
  • vinyl
1. Cut that board into 7 blocks (if you ask someone at home depot they will do it for you)
Three big blocks measuring at: 7" each
Two Medium measuring at: 5 1/2" each
Two small measuring at: 4 1/2" each

2. Sand down your blocks to make smooth.
3. Paint on desired color onto each block.
4. Let paint dry then sand blocks again as well as edges and corners for a rough look.
5. Cut out vinyl if you don't have some pre-cut already.
6. Put vinyl on!

Sorry not a lot of pictures for this one. lol

I hope to put my finished product up soon so you can all see how my blocks turned out. But for now Good Luck if you are going to make these!

With Love
Melissa Elizabeth

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