Friday, August 27, 2010


My name is Melissa and I LOVE crafting! I love finding crafts that I can do myself that make my house prettier but for half the price!
I have an older sister who I dearly love, however when we were younger I was constantly being called a Copy- Cat by her. Anything my sister would do that I thought was cool or fun I would also give it a whirl! This of course drove my sister to sheer annoyance and would lead her to periodically tadle on me to our sweet mom on how I keep copying her! Now that we are older I am proud to say ............. I have not changed one bit, I am still a HUGE Copy-Cat! Not only do I still copy my sister but I also copy people I don't even know!
I have found a new interest of mine and that is reading craft blogs religiously! I pick out crafts people have done or want to do on their blogs and give it a try for myself! I make them for my own home and put my own little flare to them! I have done so many crafts lately by just being a Copy-cat! I wanted to start this blog to show just how easy it is to be a "Copy-Cat".

I will post my pictures of my crafts I have done and I hope that you can take some crafts from me and be a copy-cat yourself to make your homes a little prettier!

With Love,
Melissa Elizabeth


  1. what a cute idea!!! What are all the colored things?? how did you make those??

  2. They are all different pieces of scrapbook paper! They take three things of paper each circle. You take the paper and accordion it then fold it in half and hot glue it together. Repeat that 2 more times then glue them all together to make a circle! I will have a post about it soon so you can see what I am talking about.