Monday, December 13, 2010

$5 Christmas Wreath!

This was so fun for me to make! This is my very first Christmas wreath that I made all by myself! The idea came to me while I was walking the Christmas isle in the Dollar store and saw all materials I needed. A light bulb turned on in my head and I was off!

  • Dollar store Wreath
  • Dollar store Christmas flowers (Your choice have fun with it)
  • Dollar store spray on snow
  • Dollar store golden bells
(Don't mind the pin cones I got those just in case I wanted them somewhere on my wreath... I ended up not using them for the wreath but for something else)
1. First I took the wreath and put the golden bells on at the base. You can put these anywhere you want I just decided to put them on the bottom.

2. Take your spray on snow (I know there is a proper name for it but I have seemed to forgotten it) Spray the tips of the branches of the wreath. (LET DRY BEFORE PUTTING FLOWERS ON)

3. Take apart your Dollar store flower bundles and pick out all the flowers you want to put on the wreath.

4. Leave a long stem on the flowers that you want so that you can wrap that wire around the wreath to keep the flowers in place.

5. Randomly put the flowers on the wreath the way you want them to go. Wrap the wire that is on your flower tightly around the skeleton of the wreath so you don't see the wire and that it holds the flowers on well.

Spruce up the wreath a bit so it is not all flat and hang on your door you are done! TA DA! Easy peasy!
(These pictures don't really do my wreath justice, in real life they are 10x more sparkly and colorful!!)

Have Fun!
Melissa Elizabeth

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